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She’s Dating The Gangster Building A Beautiful Life

Lucas Lazaro and Athena Abigail Tizon could have been improved to make it more compelling to its matured audience. However, Kenji and Athena’s love story ended on both a realistically heartbreaking ending which book fans never expected. I’m glad that they removed a lot of unnecessary things from the original story to the book. Truth to be told, I found a lot of things irrelevant while I was reading the original story. But, when I had read the book, I’m happy with the result. One star was deducted for the other characters were barely mentioned and I wanted to know more about Sara, Jigs and Kirby’s lives more.

I wanted at least for it to use only Filipino so why bother making the readers confuse? I thought the story is dragging, simple, and the characters are shallow. My pessimism got the better of me I almost withdrawn from reading this… It’s one of those that will make you realize how great love is.

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Athena is a bright and friendly girl who is very popular among the boys in her school. Kenji is a rugged and rebellious boy who comes from a broken family. Despite their differences, the two eventually fall in love and must deal with the challenges that come with it. On the way to Legazpi, Kelay, Athena’s niece, tells the tale of young Athena and Kenji which dates back to 1990s, a “gangster” whom everyone was afraid of.

When they come back to Manila, however, Kenji begins to absent himself from class. Athena then gets an invite from young Lucas to go see Kenji who is in the hospital. Worried, Athena hurries and finds Abi lying in the hospital bed. Abi has stage three gastric cancer and was the reason why she broke up with Kenji.

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In my opinion, the story is really really good! To be short, it’s about a girl who acted as a “fake girlfriend” to a boy so that the boy would get his ex-girlfriend back. And eventually, the girl and boy fell in love to each other. You may think that it’s a simple and the usual story but it’s not! It was full of tension with some really amusing twists in the story and every page makes me just keeps on reading every word and every sentence. And then whenever I stop because I need to sleep already, my mind just keeps like imagining and seems that it wants me to continue reading the story.

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However, it did hurt in the end not because I got touched with the way it ended but because it was not worth it. Pardon my harsh words but I’m cutting back on book expenses and I’m a little picky with the books I buy these days. One hundred seventy-five pesos for a novella is a bit pricey but I support Filipino writers so that’s okay.

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And I did not feel much chemistry there unlike in the original manuscript. But they did a good job editing it, though. The book was English all throughout and… However, plans started to change when their make-believe relationship grew deeper than expected.

Most of my friends liked it but it just made me sad. It made me realize that our generation is developing bad taste in literature. We eat up basically anything that is unrealistic and badly-written so as long as there is a hot guy and a girl playing cat and mouse. The story was bland, unoriginal and basically just watching a movie in a fast-forward mode. Everything moves fast with little emotions.

This novel type story was easy to read and to be understood. Once I started from the prologue then chapter one, that’s it! Chapter one captured my attention and kept me going on in reading the story. Speaking of reminiscing, Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta managed to give me goosebumps on their special participation in this movie.


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Perhaps the writing was entitled or in a hurry to meet only a limit of 150 pages. There were times when I scratched my head literally not in confusion, but in disappointment. soul dating code Philbert Ortiz-Dy of Click the City gave a positive review in the film, stating that She’s Dating the Gangster is at its best when it allows kids to be kids.